How To

How to properly maintain the eyelash after grafting?
Grafting Day:
Do not dip in water for 6 hours, and minimize contact with water within 24 hours.
After grafting:
1. Try not to rub your eyes and sleep on your knees.
2. One weeks to avoid swimming, sauna, hot springs, do spa activities.
1. Recommended use of make-up water, and cotton stick or makeup cotton to avoid the eyelash grafting can be wiped.
2. Use remover oil, after emulsification recommended cotton stick or makeup cotton rub water wipe several times.
3. Makeup oil do not direct contact with false eyelashes, will speed up false eyelashes fall!
4. Wipe Eye cream, please massage to product absorption and then close your eyes, do not wet eyes closed!
5. Have a habit of applying mask friends, please try to avoid eyes.
1. If need to draw eyeliner, please draw the eye end can, also better dismount Oh!
2. If you want to draw eye shadow, please choose not oily eye shadow.
3. Before brushing, please put the rest of the powder off, to avoid falling on the false eyelashes.
4. Do not use mascara, eyelash clip, do not scald eyelashes.
Please avoid direct and connect with the shower face, will accelerate the fall of eyelashes and slanting off Oh!
Go to bed:
Sleep as much as possible lie down, if the sleeping position presses lashes to cause the eyelash to be disorderly, please use Rnd Aihui to give the small brush to comb the eyelash neatly to be able! If you have the habit of rubbing your eyes in the sleep of friends, please pay special attention to careful, this will be their eyelashes together to rub off Oh! After getting up, if there is secretion on the eyes, please wash your face before cleaning it, do not dry with the hand to dig.
1. Can wipe Rnd Aihui to customize eyelash growth liquid. The inducing components of natural plant keratin can accelerate the repair of corner follicles.
2. Removing eyelashes needs to be removed from professional beauty. Do not pull out by itself.
Summer and a lot of sports friends, sweat how much will affect the durability of eyelashes Oh!
1. A friend with large intraocular pressure, because the eyes will continue to discharge secretions, eyelashes lasting, so it is recommended 10 days back, Rnd Aihui provide free repair within 10 days.
2. Love to cry friends, tears will be very fast eyelashes Fall Oh!